Founded by successful packaging expert Ronald Wells in 1972, Sun Plastics have grown from humble beginnings into a highly respected bespoke packaging supplier to organisations around the UK and Europe.


Sun Packaging take pride in their knowledge of the packaging industry. We began supplying ‘simple’ plastic bags for packing manufactured items, and refuse bags for use in Janitorial and Education sectors. Over time, our range has diversified significantly. Carrier bags, and printed carrier bags became a fantastic and useful marketing tool for many small and medium size retailers.

Sun Plastics Ltd, 1972

Sun Plastics Ltd, 1972

The food preparation and processing sector was another speciality of ours from the 1980s to date, And we’ve been supplying bakeries, crisp makers, butchers and fishmongers with products successfully for years! 

The event of internet shopping in the early 2000s resulted in a surge in demand in mailing bags, and again our product range diversified to enable supply to retail and mail order companies with these bags. We’ve since worked closely with up and coming, and established online retailers to produce bespoke printed mailers for secure and safe delivery of their orders.

Over the years we have supplied to, and been approved partners with the likes of Thermos, Coca-Cola, General Electric, London Transport, British Rail, TDK, and London Underground.