Bag For Life

The importance of getting it right, first time.

When making plans to create a bespoke packaging design, there may be a thousand ideas running round your mind. Now is the time to get these ideas on paper. Yes, good old fashioned notepaper and pencil.

Thrash out the following requirements and how you want the ideas to come across:

  1. Name / Logo
  2. Contact Details
  3. Logos / Pictures
  4. Tag Lines
  5. Returns details 
  6. Space for labelling
  7. Barcoding

Once you've got an idea of how any or all of these items might appear, then you're ready to get into contact with us to discuss getting the idea made into reality. We will take your ideas, along with any logo files you might have, to produce a digital proof prior to printing. 

We'll be happy to assist with any suggestions you might require, whether it be to add or remove details, placement of design, or any other additions we might be able to offer.

Most importantly, we will check and double check all designs for errors, be it in logo, picture or text, prior to manufacture. The last thing we need is to have to discard an entire production due to an oversight!

It might sound silly, but it can happen to the best of us, so we might ask for clarification of specific spellings occasionally! ASDA recently had to scrap an entire run of their 'bag for life' due to a misspelling!


Still unsure if this is an intended mistake!!

Still unsure if this is an intended mistake!!